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This group is all about the culture and community around my music world. Here we share anything related to fantasy, enchanted forests, shadow worlds, mystical and magical beings and more, as well as my music. Here we can unapologetically share with each other what we are escaping into and daydreaming about, and connect with each other at the same time.

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Sunna's Email List & A Free Exclusive Download in Return

Never miss a release, a concert, livestream or merch launches! Email lists are very important to indie artists since we never know what will happen to social media platforms in the future (we don't even own our social media accounts). At least we can pretty much count on email and let's face it, it's simple and applies to everyone. By signing up to my list you get a very exclusive download of a live acoustic performance of the song Milli svefns og vöku, a performance that is very dear to my heart. This performance is unreleased and can't be found anywhere online.